The Followship Academy

What is The Followship Academy?

It is a team building course run over two days either in North Wales or the Wye Valley (near Bristol).  Over the two days the team will be taken on a variety of outdoor training exercises and will be exposed to different leadership styles whilst in an environment outside of their comfort zone.  Each evening or at the end of each serial we will review what we learned and how this can be applied to our everyday jobs.  The emphasis is not on how each person in the group can be a leader in the outdoors but on how they can work better as an Effective Follower.

Why Followship, not Leadership?

There have to be more followers than leaders in any organisation.  Even as a manger of a team there will be some form of direction which they have to follow.  Learning how to become an Effective Follower allows people to become proactive members of a team who can add value to a project without needing to be supervised or managed.  This promotes efficiency, trust and team cohesion in the workplace. 

Facilitators and Coaches

The facilitators and coaches at the Followship Academy are all expert instructors in their own field (Climbing, Mountaineering, Hill Walking, Kayaking etc.) but what makes us different from the normal outdoor team building experience is the element of psychological training that our instructors have.  

In addition to this, our team is made up from some highly experienced individuals.  Most of whom have a significant military background, either as Officers or as Non-Commissioned Officers.  The reason for this is that your team will be coached by people who have used the techniques we will discuss in life threatening environments.


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