• Chris Andrews

The End of Winter

Working for most of the Winter means that I will be able to survive throughout the Spring months which I had planned to take off before we were all forced to. COVID-19 has meant that rather than spending this time productively climbing and skiing in the Ecrins, we are instead limited to doing pull-ups on the balcony.

This is inconvenient for me at the moment, but for others, it will be life-changing. And I'm not talking about hard-up outdoor instructors who are self-employed but about those who are not in a clean, developed country with healthcare and a support system.

Just before the Lock-down which happened in France a week or so before it did in the UK we managed to get out into the mountains a few times at least. There is so much to do out here, skiing lines and climbing lines are everywhere.

There's so much variety that every time I go out I come back with more plans for the next adventure. So... frustrating but essentially fine. I'll be spending this time developing some exciting new ideas for the next year or so. Hopefully see you all soon

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