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I run Five different types of adventure.

Rock Climbing


Rough Climbing (AKA Scrambling)

Ice Climbing



Adventures Available:

Rock Climbing


November - January

1:2 ratio

With the days closing in at home it's nice to follow the sun South, where  the rock is warm and the wine is cheap.

We'll explore the beautiful rock in Spain, having adventures on some of the sea cliffs and mountains.  By the end of your time you may well be able to lead your own climbs, and be well on your way to becoming an independent climber.

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Rough Climbing

North Wales

April - May

1:2 ratio

Rough Climbing (Also known as Scrambling) is a fantastic way of getting out in the mountains.  It involves taking a route that is just technical enough for you to need to use your hands and feet to climb short sections. It is absolutely great fun.



Italian Dolomites

August - September

1:2 Ratio

Proper mountain adventures await in the fantastic Dolomites.  Huge pillars of rock waiting to be climbed are calling out to us.  

I love working in the Dolomites and have done every year for almost a decade now. You will be guided on some of the most outrageous routes you could possibly get on. No experience needed, but this one is for the brave!


Ice Climbing



Ratio 1:6

Ice Climbing is an extreme form of climbing which needs Ice Axes and Crampons.  

We will go to Norway, in to the frozen Rjukan Valley where frozen waterfalls cascade down over the black rocks next to them.

What makes Rjukan amazing is that you're only ever about 10 minutes away from a good meal in a warm hut.  And you'll need it; Staying outside in -10C takes an extra 2000 calories a day!

The Followship Academy

There have to be more followers than leaders.  Followers may manage others but they still follow direction from somewhere.  This course teaches a vitally overlooked skill:  How to be an Effective Follower and therefore a useful member of a team.


About Chris

Professionally Qualified Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (MCI)

I have been passionately climbing for over a decade and teaching since 2012.  My experience spans the crags and sea cliffs of the UK to the European Alps and further afield to the Himalayas.  The most fulfilling work for me is being able to set someone up so that they are safe and self-reliant in the mountains, able to have adventures of their own.

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