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Chris Andrews Climbing and Mountaineering

Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Instruction for all levels.
Located near Bristol, Gloucester, and the Wye Valley


Courses Available

Get in touch for availability and course dates to suit you.  Most of the courses listed below would be ideal for you and your climbing partner to come along on as a pair.  I also run bespoke packages for whatever you would like to know, whether that is how to escape from a multi-pitch mountain route or how to safely climb an imposing sea cliff.  Just let me know what you need

Close Up Wall Climbing

Introduction to Outdoor Climbing

Perhaps you have been climbing indoors for a while and you want to see what rock climbing outdoors is like. On this introduction course you will discover a variety of climbing and learn a whole lot along the way. 

Get Outside !!

Outdoor Development Course:

Learn to Lead (Better)

2 days: £190

4 days: £350

1:2 ratio

Whether you want to learn to lead outdoors, lead multi-pitch, or if you are already lead climbing but you would like to improve the grade you climb at or become more efficient as an individual or team, then this is the course for you.  Whatever standard you arrive at you are guaranteed to leave a better climber.  Ideal for those of you who already have a partner and want to check that what you are doing is safe and correct before you head off to bigger adventures.

Intro to Sport Climbing 

Sport climbing is great fun, it is the most logical step to take after climbing indoors because it is very similar, without needing to worry about placing your own gear.  There are a few things to learn though, like how to lower off safely, how to run away and how to get to the top even if you can't climb it!  

2 days: £190

Team and Self Rescue

 Sometimes, no matter what we try to do, things can begin to feel sketchy.  This course is for anyone who would like to learn what to do if something starts to go wrong.  How to avoid common mistakes and what to do if you find yourself in a tricky or dangerous situation.  From rescuing an injured climber to backing up anchors and any other problems you can think of. 


About Chris

Professionally Qualified Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (MCI)

I have been passionately climbing for over a decade and teaching since 2012.  My experience spans the crags and sea cliffs of the UK to the European Alps and further afield to the Himalayas.  The most fulfilling work for me is being able to set someone up so that they are safe and self-reliant in the mountains, able to have adventures of their own.

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